Blue Rocks, 2010


Sold Out

This striking blue bangle was created by Andrew Logan in 2010. Incorporated into this unique and substantial piece are eleven Swarovski crystals, tinted with purple and turquoise along with Andrew's trademark shards of broken mirror, which in this case are predominantly a deep Ultramarine blue colour. These materials, as well as several repurposed jewels, are arranged by Andrew and set in a base of resin which covers the outside of the brass frame of the bangle. This resin is covered in blue, black and violet glitter which ties the different materials together and gives the piece a sparkling finish. The disposition of the materials is such that the owner of this wearable work of art can be sure that it is one of a kind, giving a singular sense of ownership.


Inside Diameter - 6.8cm

Outside Diameter - 9cm approx.

Width - 3.8cm