Red Rocks 2010


Sold Out

5cm width

7cm diameter

This a beautiful and dramatic piece created in 2010 by Andrew.

Set within the bangles resin surface amongst the mirror are 8 ruby red square faceted glass stone,10 ruby red glass half dome stone and 13 small curricular glass faceted stones. The richness of the red is contrasted with gold glitter that finishes of the bangle.

Andrew has used his trademark materials of glass, mirrors and glitter in his distinct mosaic style to create this unique bangle bracelet. 

He creates his jewellery by drawing with resin, to create the base for the work. He then inlays the mirrors and treasures into the resin, before adding even more joy by finishing them with glitter to create a unique piece of wearable sculpture.

Each piece will becomes increasingly individual as they are worn and enjoyed to reflect their owners journey.