Andrew Logan is a wearable art artist producing modern designer bracelets and bold statement jewellery. Each piece of wearable sculpture is handcrafted by Andrew Logan and is the art of a visionary British designer. Chunky statement bangles and modern designer bracelets combine to offer a jewellery collection of unusual investment pieces which have been handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan.

This silver bracelet was created in 2019 and features a silver dragon bead, six grey and black jasper stone cushion-like beads, one piece of grey onyx, five keshi pearls, 4 white and 1 peach colour, four white/purple crystals, four small squares of grey glass, a grey polished stone and a mosaic of silver mirror fragments.  All design elements are set over white resin and finished with variegated white, silver and grey glitter.

The alluring bracelet is made using a gold-colour metal base which has been etched with Andrew Logan's signature and also has a couple of heart-shaped features.  The internal diameter is approximately 6.8 cm and the width of the bangle is around 2.5 cm.