Wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of men’s designer jewellery by this visionary sculptor. Andrew Logan bowties are ingenious pin brooches that can be used on a shirt, as a substitute for a formal evening wear bowtie, or as a lapel brooch adding a touch of glamour. Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is unique and bears Andrew Logan’s signature and the date it was created, this lilac bowtie is one of his latest designs from 2020.  Andrew Logan hopes this one-off, designer piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

This charming, lilac bowtie brooch is made from two pieces of pale lilac glass which has a delicate pattern etched on the back.  A bright pink, facetted crystal adorns the centre and is set over black resin and decorated with variegated, multicoloured glitter which is predominantly violet in colour.  The overall effect is one of understated glamour!

The bowtie can be affixed to clothing using a gold coloured safety pin on the rear and measures approximately 8.5 cm by 2.7 cm at its widest points.  It is fairly lightweight, at 18 g, so should be suitable for more delicate fabrics too.