Each piece of Andrew Logan’s jewellery is a unique work of art that embodies his joyful vision of the universe. These earrings were crafted by Andrew Logan in 2021 and as with all his work, no two items are ever the same.  In fact, due to the hand-made nature of the design, neither is one earring within the pair identical to the other, which is often intentional on the part of Andrew Logan.

These stunning earrings feature a diamond shape of bright pink glass in their centre, surrounded by four pieces of pale green/blue paua shell.  These elements are set into pink resin and sprinkled with some pink and red glitter.  The backs of the earrings have an extra layer of red resin, which has been signed by Andrew Logan.

The clip-on earrings measure approximately 3.5 by 3 cm at their widest points.  The pair of earrings are relatively lightweight, weighing 15 g and have clip-on metal fitments with a silicon, comfortable tip.