Sold Out

Wearable art by Andrew Logan isn't just jewellery, this is an ingenious design for adding extra flourish to a hair accessory. As with all Andrew Logan's works of art, this decorative Alice band is unique, it was created in the 2021 and bears his signature and the date, which has been etched onto the glass crystals.

The Alice band is a comfortable, padded band covered in a rich red velour material which is decorated with four red glass crystals and two discs of red mirror.  Each decoration has been robustly set into a red resin and embellished with a neon red glitter to produce a stunning hair accessory.

The Alice band has a width of approximately 2.5 cm and a length of around 37 cm, around the inside of the curve.  Andrew Logan hopes this one-off, designer piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.