The design for this tea towel is based on three Pegasus sculptures, in white, red and black representing birth life and death.  These sculptures were created by Andrew Logan and exhibited at the Globe Gallery in St. Petersburg (2007), The Gallery in Ruthin Craft Centre (2008) and the Masha Novikov New Academy in St. Petersburg (2014).  The photo of the Pegasus sculptures was taken by Sylvain Deleu and translated into an elegant design which has been printed onto 100% cotton tea towels, bordered by the words birth, life and death and bearing a printed version on Andrew Logan's signature.

The tea towels measure approximately 73 by 47 cm and weigh around 82 g.

Andrew Logan first conceived the idea of making a Pegasus as a child of 11. Obsessed with Greek and Roman myth, his imagination was fired by the tale of the winged white horse that sprang from the severed neck of the Gorgon, slain by hero Perseus. In creating Pegasus, Andrew Logan has often stated that during the making process, he felt he was merely a tool, that Pegasus symbolised a bridge between the physical and spiritual world, and that the winged horse and his message of hope belonged to the world.