Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted and unique, as this visionary artist is always exploring new creative designs and often uses recycled materials. His unisex brooch pins can be a statement piece and each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature.  This heart brooch, named 'The Other Side' was created in 2021 and Andrew Logan hopes this one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The brooch features a split heart, one half being a silver piece of mirror with a profile face etched in black and the other half designed with deep ruby red colour glass pieces arranged in a mosaic pattern.  A black and white Indian eye adds detail to the piece, in addition to an oval, facetted, red crystal. The design elements are laid over dark resin, embellished with mainly red glitter along the edges on the red side and black glitter on the silver side.

The brooch measures approximately 8.5 by 10 cm at its widest points and weighs around 62 g.  It can be attached to a chosen garment using a safety pin embedded in the resin on the reverse.  This stunning lapel brooch will add a touch a sparkle to your outfit.