Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is a one-off design, hand-made, signed and dated by Andrew Logan.  This butterfly brooch pin was created in 2019 and has been named 'A Golden One'.

The butterfly brooch uses six pieces of patterned, bronze and amber material and two sections of gold mirror for the wings, plus a couple of yellow polished stones.  Three facetted amber beads make up the body and the head is designed from a gold star engraved bead. These are all set over a yellow resin and sprinkled with gold and amber variegated glitter. The antennae are pieces of yellow wire embellished with tiny orange beads.

This stunning piece of wearable sculpture by Andrew Logan measures approximately 13.5 cm at its widest point and is around 10 cm in length from top of its antennae to the bottom of wings. The butterfly brooch weighs 76 g and has a gold coloured safety pin embedded in the back, to attach it to your favourite garment.