Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is a  one-off design, hand-made by Andrew Logan and bearing his signature.  This eye-catching brooch pin was created by Andrew Logan in 2021 and is named 'A Pearly Moon'.  2021 is the Pearl Anniversary year for the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture, celebrating 30 years of being open to the public, hence Andrew Logan has designed many pieces this year using an abundance of pearls.

This fabulous brooch features a segment of silver mirror which is slightly concave, thus creating a magnifying effect when gazed into. The other side of the brooch is reminiscent of the 'man in the moon', whose features are designed with four pieces of iridescent paua shell with petrol blue, peach and pearl hues.  All the design elements are laid over pale resin with the edges embedded with a myriad of tiny round pearls and a little silver leaf.

This is an arresting piece of decorative sculpture and could be attached to a ribbon or chain to wear as a statement necklace, or use the safety pin attached in the reverse side to wear as a brooch.  The Andrew Logan work of art measures approximately 9  by 13.5 cm at its widest points and weighs 77 g.