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Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted by him and bear his signature for authenticity as well as the dat the piece was created. This brooch is part of a collection created while Andrew Logan was in Venice in 2021. Andrew hopes that his jewellery can bring you joy.

In the centre of the brooch is a vibrant patterned bead with a silver rim featuring a design of red, white, pink, black and yellow flowers and stars. Surrounding this is a variety of beads of different colours and shapes, including; eleven clear oval beads, four orange oval beads, eight square beads mostly silver but two of which are turquoise, ten facetted crystal beads of various shapes and sizes and five small fragments of glass, four of which are mirrored purple/orange and one which is red, black and yellow. The top half of the cosmic egg is made up of two large fragments of coloured mirror glass, the colour of these change depending where you look from, between these is a long rectangular 3D bead with a multicoloured pattern and above that is a blue/purple facetted bead. The edges of the brooch are filled with a layer of gold and silver glitter and all of the elements are set into a black resin base.

The vivid brooch has dimensions of approximately 7 by 11 cm and weighs 60 g. It has a safety pin embedded in the resin on reverse side for you to affix the brooch pin to your favourite item of clothing.  A ornate and striking piece of wearable art.

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