Fascia Fun 2015


This is a beautiful fun piece created in Mumbai whilst Andrew worked on his large commission at Mumbai's International Airport, it reflects the warmth, colour and vitality of India.

Comparable to a stylised flower this brooch is centred around a silver 5cm slightly convex mirror.Set within a rich turquoise resin and framed with 11 pearlised ivory coloured flowers, finished with turquoise and pink iridescent glitter. 

Andrew has used his trademark materials of: glass, mirror, glitter and found materials in his distinct mosaic style to create this unique brooch.

When creating his jewellery Andrew draws with the resin, to create the base for the work. He then inlays the mirrors and his found materials into the resin, before adding even more joy by finishing them with glitter to create a unique piece of wearable sculpture.

Each piece will becomes increasingly individual as they are enjoyed and worn and begin to reflect their own special journey.


9.5x 9.5cm