HOLY COOL - 2010


Sold Out

A holographic image depicting eastern holy people is the focal point of this dazzling orange piece. Over this image has been placed a piece of cut glass, the edges of which have been painted bright orange with visible brush strokes that create an effect which serves to blend the hologram with the bright orange adornments which surround it. These adornments consist of a frame of resin sprinkled with repurposed iridescent beads as well as three circular pieces of cut glass, one at the apex of the arch and two at the bottom right and left corners. Intersecting the image is a strip of darker orange resin sprinkled with red and orange glitter. Five pieces of gold coloured cut glass are set into this resin and yellow/gold  coloured Swarovski crystals sit at each end of the strip.

This dazzling and saturated piece will surely stand out in any situation and in any light. As with much of Andrew's work it can be worn as a brooch or simply displayed as a piece of art.

11cm x 12cm approx.