Unique wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of bold cocktail rings with adjustable fittings. The statement ring is a one-off design, handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan in 2021, who hopes this designer piece of wearable sculpture will bring you joy.

The cocktail ring features fragments of cracked silver mirror, four irregular keshi pearls and twenty pearl beads.  The design elements are laid over pale resin which surrounds a lightweight, half-sphere core with the edges encrusted with mainly white glitter.

The dramatic ring has a diameter of approximately 5.5 cm and a depth of 3.5 cm.  It is particularly lightweight in relation to its size and weighs 32 g.  An adjustable silver coloured fitment is embedded in the resin, which enables it to fit most size fingers, or for you to wear on different fingers for different occasions.