"Snack Time" 2013


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At the centre of this brilliantly bright brooch is an holographic image of a butterfly. Framing this image are sixteen pieces of amber-coloured glass squares as well as a yellow marble-like gold speckled square on each flank. Above and below the image sit two yellow glass beads which feature patterns reminiscent of some African art. Several repurposed jewels are also interspersed between these materials. Protruding from this 'frame' are seven lobes, each formed of a piece of clear cut glass. These cut glass pieces, as well as all of the other materials, are set in bright yellow resin which is sprinkled with amber-coloured glitter. The vivid colours of yellow and gold as well as the disposition of the materials create an image of a butterfly feeding on the nectar of a bright yellow flower, hence the name of the piece. The vibrancy and saturation of this brooch will bring life to the darkest of garments.

10.5cm x 13cm