Sun, 2009


Sold Out

This heliacal brooch is formed around a circular piece of cut glass with a golden metallic textured backing. Emanating from the central piece of glass are seven points each containing a triangular shard of cut glass, three of which are cut from golden mirror and four are clear glass with an orange/yellow textured backing which is reminiscent of volcanic magma or the surface of the sun. Interspersed between these cut glass pieces are various smaller pieces of glass, beads and repurposed jewels, all orange, yellow or bronze/golden of colour. All of these materials are set in bright yellow resin which is sprinkled with glitter of the same colour.

The warm hues and heavy saturation present in this wearable artwork will brighten up the dullest of garments and add vivacity to any outfit, and the wearer can be certain that it is entirely unique.

10cm x 10cm approx.