Andrew Logan high end fashion jewellery includes brooch pins, each of which is handcrafted and unique.  These lapel brooches make a statement and each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature. Andrew Logan designed this heart brooch in 2021 and named it, 'Earth'.

The striking heart brooch features two large orange/green crystals to create the top section of the heart. The centre of the brooch features a silver metal strip on top of which sits a black round stone and a turquoise flower crystal. Framing the top of the metal strip are two bronze coloured oval crystals. The main body of the heart is made up of Andrew's signature mirror fragments, this time a navy blue colour, among these fragments there are another two turquoise crystals, one round and one flower shaped. These elements have all been set into a black resin base and the edges have been dusted with mostly black glitter with a few flecks of colour.

The vibrant brooch measures approximately 5.5 by 8.5 cm at its widest parts and weighs 31 g.  It can be attached to your favourite item of clothing using a safety pin embedded in the reverse side.