Andrew Logan is a wearable art artist who delights in creating bespoke jewellery designs. Andrew Logan's royal blue, round earrings are handcrafted jewellery and as such, the pair is not identical and neither is there more than one pair made with the same design. Each unique clip-on or pendant earring bears Andrew Logan’s signature and the date it was created, for this pair it was 2019.  Andrew Logan hopes this one-off, designer piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The stunning, blue clip-on earrings are created with circular, royal blue mirrors in their centre surrounded by a swirling thread of tiny blue beads set over dark grey resin and  embellished with a sprinkle of black and multicoloured, variegated glitter.

The clip-on fitments are gold in colour, embedded into the resin and have a comfortable plastic coating on their tips. The earrings diameter is approximately 3.2 cm and they are quite lightweight; with the pair weighing 47 g.