These are unique wearable pieces of art design, created by Andrew Logan in 2020.  As with all of his pieces, they have been signed and dated and will add glamour and originality to your outfit.

This extraordinary pair of pendant earrings feature a thin, rectangular piece of textured glass with bronze and green hues laid over bright red resin.  The edges of the pendants are decorated with strings of tiny black beads, two rows on one side and one on the other and edged with rainbow patterned gold-leaf to create an iridescent effect.  At the base of the pendant earrings, orange and black beads have been suspended, in addition to an occasional blue bead.

The earrings are for pierced ears and dangle by a silver coloured hook (2 cm long). Being hand-crafted, they aren't identical.  The pendants measure approximately 7 by 2 cm and the pair weighs 18 g.