Each piece of Andrew Logan’s jewellery is a unique work of art and this brooch pin  embodies his joyful vision of the universe.  The piece of wearable art was created by Andrew in 2019 and has been signed and dated on the reverse.

The brooch has been named Multi Multi and features a circular piece of silver mirror at its centre with round, yet flush dimples.  A ring of shimmering crystals has then been laid over top, including eight clear crystals, three with a black ring and one pale turquoise/pink crystal.  All edges of the brooch have been embellished with a generous amount of silver glitter.

A gold coloured safety pin, embedded in the black resin at the rear, enables you to affix this brooch to your favourite item of clothing.  Its approximate dimensions are 12 by 7 cm and it has a weight of 65 g.  A stunning piece of wearable sculpture which catches the light beautifully.