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Andrew Logan is a British sculptural artist who often features flora and fauna within his sculpture work.  This stunning green butterfly sculpture is created using Andrew Logan’s signature technique of mosaic mirror inlaid into resin.  The sculpture has been created a two-sided piece, to sit as an ornament or it can be suspended by a piece of thread attached to the wing to produce a mobile or window decoration.

The top side of this attractive butterfly is created using three different colours of green mirror glass and black opaque glass.  The fragments are set into dark resin and the edges are embellished with mainly black and some green glitter.  The head of the butterfly is formed with a green, oval crystal and there are two rectangular green crystals and two convex round glass beads, one clear and one lime green, which adds further decoration to the butterfly's wings.  The antennae are two pieces of silver coloured wire with green glitter-encrusted tips.

The underside of the butterfly has similar design elements with three types of green mirror and more black glass.  Andrew Logan has etched his signature and the date into one piece of black glass, he created this piece in 2017.  Again the design elements are laid over dark resin encrusted with mainly black glitter.

Andrew Logan is a sculptural artist of international stature, yet someone who delights in creating art wherever he finds inspiration.  This fine example of Andrew Logan’s work of art would make a vibrant addition to your home.

The butterfly sculpture has a width across the wings of approximately 19 cm and a length of 11 cm, from the top of the antennae to the bottom of the wing.  The antennae measure around 4 cm long and the butterfly body is 7.5 cm, including the small metal tip which protrudes from the base of the butterfly's body.  The butterfly weighs 175 g and can be suspended by a piece of invisible thread embedded within resin a tip of the wing.