Each piece of Andrew Logan’s jewellery is a unique work of art that embodies his joyful vision of the universe.

This handsome, green, heart-shaped brooch has pieces of deep green glass in its centre, set into yellow resin embellished with yellow glitter.  The heart of the brooch is then set into a bright green resin with a sprinkling of green glitter, which is embedded with two round, green glass beads and a spotted bead at the top, several polished stones and assorted beads plus two faceted, rectangular, turquoise glass pieces.

It has a yellow reverse with a large gold safety pin to secure it to your favourite item of clothing.  It was created by Andrew in 2013 and as with all of his pieces, it has been signed and dated.

The dimensions are 6 cm at the top, tapering to 2 cm at the peak and it has a length of 8 cm.  This is a dramatic, colourful piece which is bound to bring about comment.