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Andrew Logan's sculpture named 'Humpty Dumpty' was created in 2009 and is a playful homage to the classic children's nursery rhyme.  

Originally shown in the annual Flowers Gallery ‘Small is Beautiful’ show on Cork Street, it was last presented in the kitchen of Buckland Abbey in Andrew Logan's 'The Art of Reflection' Exhibition in 2018.  More recently been on display within the gift shop at the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Berriew and is now available to purchase and become part of your private collection.

The piece is a sculpture tableaux of the nursery rhyme depicting Humpty Dumpty both whole and broken.

Humpty himself is created from numerous pieces of silver mirror laid into a pale resin on the top 2/3's of the egg and red mirror glass laid over red resin on the bottom half.  His eyes are created from blue and black, glass painted beads and ten pearl beads make up his smile.  Two plastic, white and blue arms and two jointed, red legs give Humpty's egg  an enhanced  anthropomorphic look. His middle is adorned with a belt of gold braid, suspended with loops of gold beads and fifteen small, brass coloured cow bells.  On top of Humpty Dumpty's head is a painted dome with green, yellow, blue and white spots.

Humpty sits on the wall using a small peg, this allows him to rotate by around 90 degrees.  The wall is constructed with a front face of rich coffee coloured, glass bricks laid into resin with the edges painted with gold leaf paint.  The rear, top and sides of the wall use silver mirror pieces, again laid into resin and decorated with silver leaf paint.

The base podium has been created using several silver mirror pieces, set into resin and laid on a black wooden plinth.  The front and side faces of the plinth are decorated with many pieces of green glass in two shades, laid into resin with edges decorated with a bright green glitter. The rear edge of plinth uses silver mirror fragments and resin edges embellished with silver leaf paint.  On the mirror surface, at the rear behind the wall, Andrew has engraved the verse of the nursery rhyme.

In front of the wall to the left  is a pile of broken Humpty pieces including two smaller arms and legs, two eyes, a replica dome hat and fragments of red plastic and silver mirror.  Surrounding the scene of the unfortunate accident, there is a hive of activity with a plethora of visual elements; a clear horse with a red saddle, a King of spades card in a metal casement, a plastic figure of two blue and white men in sailor costumes, a brown horses' head, eleven small figures painted in gold with blue helmets and four spectators in brightly painted costumes.

This sculpture draws together the signature style and elements of Andrew Logan's work, a cosmic egg, hand painted figures and mosaic pieces of coloured glass and mirror laid over resin.  The work of art is created with humour and Andrew has signed the sculpture on the mirror plinth, close to the wall.

Base plinth measures approximately 23 x 19 cm at the widest points, with a depth of around 1 cm.

Total height of sculpture is approximately 23 cm

Weight of the sculpture is 985 g 

Due to the high value, weight and delicate nature of the sculpture it requires specialist shipping. A trackable, signed-for delivery within the UK will cost in the region of £200, however, if the sculpture is collected from Berriew, or a cheaper delivery alternative becomes available, a refund will be offered for postage and packaging.  International shipping will be calculated on an individual basis.