Sold Out

Andrew Logan is a sculptural artist who delights in creating visual art that often embodies artistic fantasy in a unique and unprecedented way.  He is an influential British artist of international stature and enjoys creating indoor small-scale sculptures, in addition to the larger, contemporary art sculptures for which he is famous. Andrew has named this sculpture ‘Invasion’ and in addition to a freestanding piece of art, it could be worn as a piece of wearable sculpture (brooch or necklace) or as a wall hanging.

The sculpture features a six-legged insect, similar to a beetle or ladybird. It has black, textured plastic legs, which have been mounted on sturdy wire to allow the legs to be bent in or out. The body comprises 13 fragments of bronze/orange mirror laid over black resin embellished with black crystals of varying shapes and sizes, black glitter and a central spine of rainbow mirror pieces. The head of the beetle has three green/pink crystals, nine turquoise/pink crystals and a square of spotted black and pink glass.

The underside of the artwork bears Andrew Logan’s signature and It has a hook and a safety pin embedded in the resin. Andrew Logan created this unusual piece in 2006. Its body measures approximately 14 by 10 cm and the legs are around 4.5 cm long.