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Andrew Logan is known to be an avid traveler and this is reflected in the work he creates; with flora and fauna often featured heavily within the artwork.  For this piece he did not have to travel far on his ‘artistic adventure’ for inspiration; it was there at his home in mid-Wales, alongside the riverbank of the River Rhiw. This gorgeous new sculpture; the first piece made during ‘lockdown’ is a homage to the dazzling kingfisher visitor. 

The sculpture is created using Andrew Logan’s signature technique of mosaic mirror inlaid into resin. This colourful kingfisher has two rows of deep orange coloured glass in the centre of its breast, flanked by five rows of bronze mirror on one side and three on the other. The underside of its body is a mixture of two types of vivid yellow glass and its wings and tail feathers are created with royal blue and petrol blue mirror glass. Touches of white resin encrusted with white glitter feature at the base of the wings and the bird’s head and the beak is constructed from a deep blue resin. Black and white, painted eye beads give the kingfisher its character and the additional embellishment of turquoise glitter on blue resin and salmon coloured glitter on orange resin adds an iridescent sparkle to this proud bird sculpture.

The kingfisher’s legs and feet are made from shaped copper rods, which is the same material used to create a perch and the long stand that the sculpture is attached to. The stand consists of two prongs at it’s base to allow fixing into something soft and comes in three sections that screw together, meaning the height can be adjusted to the environment it goes to.This example of Andrew Logan’s sculpture would make a vibrant edition to your home.

Andrew Logan is a British sculptural artist who often crosses cultures and embodies artistic fantasy in a unique and unprecedented way. He is an influential artist of international stature, yet someone who delights in creating art wherever he finds inspiration.

If using the complete stand, the kingfisher’s height is 96 cm from the floor to top of the head. 

The stand itself is approximately 88 cm

The bottom and middle sections measure 42 cm each. 

The perch has a width of approx  12 cm 

The bird’s legs are 4 cm long. 

The width of the kingfisher is approximately 6cm

The diagonal length from tip of beak to tip of tail is approx 21 cm. 

Without the two extension pieces of the stand the kingfisher weighs 174 g.