LETTER K - 2011


7x 5.5 cm Light sky blue  Letter K brooch created in 2011

This is a beautiful and fun piece from Andrew's popular letter collection.

This particular brooch is a dreamy light sky blue sparkling with transparent, iridescent glitter. Inlaid with this piece are two 1 cm wide faceted transparent glass beads, Two sparkling faceted Swarovski crystals, 4 pieces of iridescent abalone shell and one glass faceted gem. Three types of mirror have been used to give this brooch a dreamy quality.

Andrew has used his trademark materials of glass, mirrors,glitter and found material in his distinct mosaic style to create this unique letter.

He creates his jewellery by drawing with resin, to create the base for the work. He then inlays the mirrors into the resin, before adding even more joy by finishing them with glitter to create a unique piece of wearable sculpture.

Each piece will becomes increasingly individual as they reflect their owners journey.

The letter brooches make wonderful gifts.