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Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is a one-off design, hand-made by Andrew and bearing his signature.  This brooch pin was created in 1997 and has been named 'Bud', possible short for Buddha.

The handsome brooch features a vintage piece of silver mirror which has a mottled finish and a crack along its surface which has been utilised perfectly to create the nose and eyebrow of this striking face.  The two eyes are created using pink/green rainbow mirror and two fragments of bright red glass form to make the mouth.  The resin, in which these facial features are embedded, has been decorated with silver and pink glitter around the mouth and silver and green glitter around the eyes.  The external edges of the face and the eyebrow have a sprinkling of black glitter and the brooch is backed with black resin signed, named and dated by Andrew Logan,

This vintage piece of wearable sculpture measures approximately 11 by 14.5 cm at its widest points. It weighs 92 g and can be secured to any item using the safety pin on the reverse, or could be pinned onto a ribbon to wear as a statement necklace.