Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is a one-off design, hand-made by Andrew Logan and bearing his signature.  This necklace was created in 1992 and has been named 'Harlequin Universe'.

The necklace features the sun, moon, stars and a planet suspended from a yellow and black beaded necklace.  The sun has a vibrant orange, convex, glass, half sphere in its centre, surrounded by seven smaller golden beads and nine fragments of golden mirror glass.  The moon comprises twelve pieces of blue glass, two blue beads and a blue crystal and the planet has a green painted rock in its centre, surrounded by eight sections of green glass.  Two blue and two red stars complete the universe, created using turquoise and red glass and two red beads and an additional red teardrop shaped bead is suspended at the bottom of the pendant.

All the design elements are laid over black resin which has been encrusted with black glitter and a threaded necklace with 14 yellow, 2 white and 53 black beads is clipped to the side of the pendant.

This colourful piece of wearable sculpture measures approximately 12 by 12 cm at the widest point of the pendant.  The beaded necklace measure 48 cm long and its total weight of the piece is 153 g.  The necklace part could be unclipped and untied from the pendant and secured to a garment using the safety pin on the reverse side, to create a statement brooch should you so wish.