Andrew Logan painted this original watercolour on 28th September 1993, when he visited Italy for a short trip.  It is an example of his early work with watercolours, when he used the technique of sketching the image first in situ, then added the detail in watercolour later.  He remembers loving the quality of light and play of reflections on the water in this part of Venice.

The façade of Le Zittele, with the Santa Maria della Presentazione church in the middle flanked by the wings of the convent, is an eye-catching part of the Giudecca skyline. The church is said to be designed by Andrea Palladio around 1576, but there is some doubt about it. It was built by Jacopo Bozzetto from 1581, as a home for unmarried women (Istituto delle Zitelle) whose beauty was thought to put them in danger of falling into prostitution. This was a preventive measure and in 1583, there were approximately 200 unmarried women living in Le Zittele. 

The original painting has been created in watercolour on quality art paper with approximate dimensions of 14 x 10 inches, or 35.5 x 25.5 cm. It has been titled, signed and dated by Andrew Logan and is a certified original which should not be copied without Andrew Logan’s written permission. The landscape watercolour is mounted on art board and supplied without a mount. It will be carefully packaged as a flat parcel and posted using tracked delivery.