Sold Out

This brooch is a unique piece of wearable art design, created by Andrew Logan in 2020 to celebrate Zandra Rhodes's 80th birthday.

A pink, triangular shaped piece of mirror is used in the centre of the brooch set into pink resin, flanked by four fragments of pink mirror and topped with two round crystals, one pink and one clear.  There is a tiny square of blue glass on one side and a small pink crystal centred between the two larger crystals. The resin is embellished with mainly pink glitter to create a delightful piece of wearable art.

The pink heart brooch has a pink reverse side with a small safety pin embedded in the resin.  Andrew Logan has signed and dated the piece and named it 'Z 80'. The shimmering brooch  measures approximately 5 x 6.5 cm and weighs 15 g, meaning it is lightweight enough to affix to most fabrics.