Andrew Logan's unique brooches are created by hand.  His wearable art brooch pins can be a statement piece and each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature.  This brooch is named 'Rainbow Chips' and was created as a colourful alternative to go with his ever-popular Fried Egg brooch.

The humorous brooch is made up of six different types of golden glass to form the chips, in varying shades of yellow, orange and gold and using a variety of opaque, textured or mirrored glass. The chip pieces are laid over dark resin and the edges are encrusted with mainly golden glitter.

The rainbow coloured brooch measures approximately 9 by 9 cm at its widest points and weighs around 50 g.  It has a safety pin embedded in the resin at rear to affix to a garment, or could be threaded onto a ribbon, cord or chain to wear as a statement necklace.