Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted by him and bear his signature for authenticity. This brooch was created in 2021 and named Duggie Death, to celebrate the life of a close friend, Duggie Fields.  Andrew Logan hopes this one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy. 

The handsome Cosmic Egg brooch features two ornate decorations, one featuring a green teardrop-shaped crystal in a metal casement surrounded by 12 clear crystals and the other, a red teardrop-shape crystal ringed by 15 clear crystals then a second ring of 15 red glass beads.  An egg shape base has been drawn in a salmon/orange resin and embedded with two pieces of red mirror glass at the bottom section and two pieces of green mirror for the top portion.  The edges of the resin are encrusted with green and red glitter and further embellished with two clear oval crystals, eleven squares of pale blue glass, three bronze textured fragments, two flower crystals and a semi circle of silver mirror.

The vivid brooch has dimensions of approximately 7.5 by 12 cm and weighs 79 g. It has a safety pin embedded in the resin on reverse side for you to affix the brooch pin to your favourite item of clothing.  A ornate and striking piece of wearable art.