This is a unique piece of wearable art design, created by Andrew Logan in 2020.  Andrew Logan's brooches are hand-crafted by himself and no two designs are ever the same.

A blazing red piece of mirror is used in the centre of the brooch set into red resin. It has one oval, red crystal and one teardrop-shaped red crystal at the top, flanked by two smaller round crystals.  There are several more fragments of red glass on the sides and the resin is encrusted with a generous amount of mainly red glitter, with some multi-coloured flecks.

The red heart brooch has a red reverse side with a safety pin embedded in the resin.  Andrew Logan has signed and dated the piece and it measures approximately 8 x 10.5 cm and weighs 50 g.  It will add an amazing splash of colour to any outfit.