Each piece of Andrew Logan’s jewellery is a unique work of art and this brooch embodies his joyful vision of the universe.  The piece of wearable art was created by Andrew Logan in 2009. It has been signed and dated by Andrew Logan on the reverse side.  He has named this Indian inspired piece 'Tiger Rose'.

The top section of the brooch features a tiger which is placed above rows of various pink and purple beads. The piece features 11 purple beads as well as a chain of pink crescent shaped pieces, amongst these there are also round beads in various shades of pink.  These are laid over a black resin which has been dusted with black glitter giving the brooch a stunning sparkle.

Beneath this top section, the brooch also features a gold chain which has a tear drop shape at the end.

A safety pin embedded in the resin at the rear enables you to affix this brooch to your favourite item of clothing.  The approximate dimensions of the top part of the brooch are 11 by 5.5cm at the widest points. The chain adds a further 11cm and the brooch has a total weight of 56g.  This unique example of wearable sculpture will add a dramatic flourish to your outfit.