Andrew Logan jewellery includes unisex brooch pins.  Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted and unique, as this visionary artist explores creative designs and often uses recycled materials. His brooch pins can be a statement piece and each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature and the date it was created.  This eye brooch was created by Andrew Logan in 2020 and he hopes his wearable sculpture brings you joy.

This glistening eye brooch has a white and black painted eye bead for the pupil surrounded in a gold-coloured metal casement surrounded by 28 diamante crystals. Beneath the eye is a segment of cracked silver mirror, set into white resin with the embellishment of white glitter.

The eye-catching brooch measures approximately 5.5 by 4.5 cm and weighs 20 g.  It has a small safety pin embedded in the resin at the rear of brooch, to allow for attachment to you favourite garment.