Alternative Miss World


In 1972, Andrew Logan had an idea for a party, after being inspired by the British dog show Crufts.

As Miss World was popular at the time. Andrew wanted to create something that celebrated outside of beauty standards, that wasn't about beauty but was about transformation, creativity and celebration. A show that would go beyond gender, age and nationality. And so Alternative Miss World was born!

The first event was held in Andrew's studio in London, 1972. The contestants have since been judged on the same criteria as Crufts - POISE! PERSONALITY! ORIGINALITY!

Over the year's the show as become a beacon of glittering light, attracting artists, performers and misfits of all kinds. The event has gained quite a following, and this year celebrates it's 50th GOLD anniversary with AMW 2022 taking place at Shakespeare's Globe on Friday 28th October 2022.

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