Postcards from Greece

This new collection of watercolours and wearable art has been inspired by Andrew Logan's recent artistic adventures in Greece in Summer 2022.

These beautiful brooches embody Andrew's love of travel and adventure; shells and stones selected from his vast collection take the form of rocks, cliffs, smashing waves and glittering, subterranean seabeds, where pearls and other treasures lie ready to be discovered. Tiny figures are poised ready to jump in or are already swimming in the reflecting blue-green mirrored sea.

These brooches have been made with joy by Andrew Logan in his studio in mid-Wales. Each brooch is signed, titled and dated by Andrew on the reverse. Take Andrew's joyful and infectious spirit of adventure and discovery with you wherever you go with these new wonderful pieces of wearable art. 

Andrew Logan's watercolours have been created from direct observation on his travels. Each watercolour is an original painting which has been signed, titled and dated by Andrew.