Visionary artist, Andrew Logan, belongs to a unique school of English eccentrics. One of Britain’s principal sculptural artists, he challenges convention, mixes media and plays with our artistic values.  He states, “Art can be discovered anywhere," which allows his work to cross cultures and embody artistic fantasy, in a unique and unprecedented way.  Andrew is refreshingly unpretentious, a true visionary, pursuing his Artistic Adventure.  He frequently travels abroad and wherever he travels, comes inspiration.

Andrew Logan was born in Oxford in 1945, he qualified in architecture in the late 1960s and has worked across the fields of sculpture, stage design, drama, opera, parades, festivals and interior design. From his early fame amongst London’s fashionable crowd, he has become an influential artist of international stature, with exhibitions as far afield as Los Angeles, Monterrey and St Petersburg.

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Since the beginnings, Andrew Logan’s work has depended on the inventive use of whatever was to hand. With flair and fantasy he transforms real objects into their new and different versions, a pioneer of up-cycling!  His artistic world includes fauna, flora, planets and gods and whether sculpting, painting, bejewelling the rich and famous, or hosting the outrageous fashion show, The Alternative Miss World, Andrew’s trademark is clear: a celebration of colour, invention and nerve.

As quoted by Brian Eno in 1998; “Andrew Logan is a very special kind of artist, a sort of one-of-a-kind kind of artist.  Everybody seems to like his work, and it isn’t hard to see why… it’s gorgeous, desirable, funny, and makes you feel happy. Nobody seems to have any difficulty with it, except to wonder guiltily if Art should really be this much fun?”

You can find out more about Andrew Logan's artwork and exhibitions here.

The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture

Andrew Logan also has his own museum located in the small village of Berriew in Wales. 

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The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture is the first museum in Europe dedicated to a living artist. Andrew had always dreamed of opening a museum to share with the world his unique approach to life and art. He wanted the museum to be a vibrant space to display examples of the work he has created over the decades and to stage events that would share his vision and skill for curating performance and spectacle.

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This Artistic Adventure started in 1988 when Andrew and his partner Michael Davis purchased redundant squash courts in Berriew, Mid Wales. In 1991 the dream became a reality when the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture (ALMoS) opened to the public. Designed by Michael, the conversion and building works were funded partially by themselves along with grant aid and donations from patrons.

Within the museum you will find sculptures, mirrored portraits, water colours, designer costume jewellery and photos from the mid-sixties to the present day.

If you are interested in visiting the museum you can find more information here. 

The Lion Art Hotel & Restaurant

In more recent years Andrew Logan and his partner Michael became the owners of The Lion Art Hotel & Restaurant located in Berriew, just a four minute walk away from the museum. Andrew completed the restoration of the pub in 2018/19 and the interior now offers visitors a unique fusion of historic charm and contemporary art.

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The restaurant features many of Andrew Logan's mirrored sculptures and each room in the hotel has been decorated by Andrew himself. The seven rooms each have a different theme based on each of the elements, ‘Earth’, ‘Water’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’, together with ‘Sun’ and ‘Void’, as well as an especially royal ‘Regal’. 

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If you want to find out more about The lion Art Hotel & Restaurant then you can click here