Andrew Logan Butterfly
Andrew Logan Butterfly
Andrew Logan Butterfly
Andrew Logan


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Each piece of Andrew Logan jewellery is hand-made, signed and dated by Andrew Logan.  This attractive butterfly brooch was created in 2021 and named 'Light' by Andrew Logan, a unique piece of statement jewellery for any occasion.

In the centre of this brooch is a large smooth red stone with some iridescent patterns on the top. To create the wings a number of cracked red mirror fragments have been used in Andrew's signature style. The antennae of the butterfly are created using two pieces of red wire each with an Indian eye bead on the end. These pieces are set into red resin and dusted with red glitter.

This wearable sculpture by Andrew Logan measures approximately  11.5 cm at its widest point and is around 11. cm in length from top of its antennae to the bottom of wings. The butterfly brooch weighs 42 g and has a gold coloured safety pin embedded in the resin at the back of brooch, to attach it to your favourite garment. 

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