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This brooch is part of a small collection of beautiful new brooches inspired by Andrew Logan's recent travels to Greece in June 2022.

These beautiful brooches embody Andrew Logan's love of travel and adventure; shells and stones selected from his vast collection take the form of rocks, cliffs, smashing waves and glittering, subterranean seabeds, where pearls and other treasures lie ready to be discovered. Tiny figures are poised ready to jump in or are already swimming in the reflecting blue-green mirrored sea.

These brooches have been handmade with joy by Andrew Logan in his studio in mid-Wales. Each brooch is signed, titled and dated by Andrew on the reverse.

Take Andrew's joyful and infectious spirit of adventure and discovery with you wherever you go with these new wonderfully unique pieces of wearable art. 

BLUESY is beautiful brooch that will bring joy and wonder to any outfit. Big enough to make a statement and with enough details to demand closer inspection, it features a stunning selection of sparkling jewels from Andrew Logan's collection.

The brooch takes the form of a flower. At the centre of the flower, a cluster of shimmering beads reflect light in all directions. An usual shaped, multi-faceted bead takes centre stage, surrounded by a selection of reflecting blue, green, purple and pink multi-coloured beads in various sizes. 

The eight petals of this striking flower are formed of royal blue mirrored glass. All of these elements have been set into blue resin, which has been covered on all sides by sparkling blue and silver glitter. This is a truly unusual and standout piece of Andrew's wearable art.

BLUESY measures approximately 11 by 11.5cm at its widest points and weighs 73g.  It can be attached to a chosen garment using a gold coloured safety pin embedded in the resin on the reverse. It would make a perfect Summer memento, or a very special and unique gift.

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