Andrew Logan artist created jewellery includes brooch pins which are handcrafted and unique.  Each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature and the date it was created.  Andrew Logan designed this heart brooch in 2021, he hopes his one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The brooch features two crystals at the top of the heart one clear and one multi-coloured, between these is a small pale pink bead. The bottom half of the heart features a triangular piece of bright pink mirror glass, this is framed by six more of the small beads one of which is more orange.  The design elements are laid over pink resin and embellished with pink glitter.

The heart brooch measures approximately 3.3 by 4.5 cm at its widest parts and weighs around 11 g.  It can be attached to your favourite item using a safety pin embedded in the reverse side.