This stunning piece of Andrew Logan jewellery was created in 1997 and is designed to be worn as a pendant necklace or could be used as a hanging mobile.

Poise is versatile and can be worn with either side facing forward.  The more colourful side is made up of tessellated pieces of green and blue mirror set over a dark grey resin and decorated with a mixture of gold and silver glitter.  Andrew has etched his signature into one of the mirror pieces.  The reverse side uses silver mirror fragments and has been embellished with 17 pearl beads, graded in size, running up the heel of the shoe- shape and a conical shell set into resin with more glitter.

The pendant necklace currently hangs from a piece of simple black cord but this could easily be swapped for a chain, if you prefer.  It measures 14cm at widest point, the heel is 10.5 cm tall and the necklace weighs 119 g.