The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture

Andrew Logan has his own museum located in the small village of Berriew in Wales. 

The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture is the first museum in Europe dedicated to a living artist. Andrew had always dreamed of opening a museum to share with the world his unique approach to life and art. He wanted the museum to be a vibrant space to display examples of the work he has created over the decades and to stage events that would share his vision and skill for curating performance and spectacle.

This Artistic Adventure started in 1988 when Andrew and his partner Michael Davis purchased redundant squash courts in Berriew, Mid Wales. In 1991 the dream became a reality when the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture (ALMoS) opened to the public. Designed by Michael, the conversion and building works were funded partially by themselves along with grant aid and donations from patrons.

Within the museum you will find sculptures, mirrored portraits, water colours, jewellery and photos from the mid-sixties to the present day. If you are interested in visiting the museum you can find more information here.