Andrew Logan brooch
Andrew Logan brooch
Andrew Logan Brooch
Andrew Logan


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This Andrew Logan brooch is named A & D, after Andrew and Duggie Fields, whose painting is featured in the centre of this piece of unique costume jewellery.  Andrew Logan created this brooch pin in 2002 and has signed and dated the rear of the statement piece of art.

Framing Duggies Field's painting are pieces of black glass fragments, four round black crystals and a row of six small, diamante crystals. The design materials are set within black resin which is sprinkled with black glitter.

The quirky artwork is a mini example of wearable sculpture and measures approximately 7.4 by 7.7 cm.  It can be affixed to your garment using a safety pin, embedded in resin at the rear of brooch and the jewellery weighs around 46g

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