Unique wearable art by Andrew Logan includes a collection of bold statement necklaces, all handcrafted and signed by Andrew Logan. This bold statement pendant or wall hanging was created by Andrew Logan in 2007.  It has been named Mystic and has been signed by Andrew Logan - who hopes his a one-off designer piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

The black cross features a chunk of sheared stone at its centre which has a highly polished surface that could be quartz. Four segments of jet black polished glass with different textures make up the other main elements of the cross, embellished with five facetted black crystals, a pink crystal, a turquoise coloured bead, several natural stones and a silver coloured segment with a iridescent, silver section inside it.  The design elements have been set into black resin and the edges have been decorated with black glitter.  Andrew's signature and date has been etched into one of the pieces of glass.  The pendant has a robust metal hook to allow it to be hung either as a necklace or wall hanging.

On the other side, as this is a reversible piece, a cross of lace has been laid under clear resin.  The name, Mystic, is etched at the bottom of the cross and the outline of the shape is embellished with predominantly silver glitter. The piece measures approximately 13 x 21 cm at its widest points and is reasonably heavy, weighing in at 259 g.