Logan jewellery includes brooches, all of which are handcrafted and unique as this visionary British artist never makes more than one brooch of the same design. This brooch is a statement piece and, as with all Andrew Logan jewellery, it bears his signature and the date, being created in 2009.  Andrew Logan hopes this one-off piece of wearable sculpture brings you joy.

This striking brooch is named Puri Power Stone because the spherical ball at the top of the stone originates from the city of Puri, in eastern India.  Puri is a centre for Hindu pilgrimage, visiting the site of the 12th-century temple of Jagannatha.  Andrew Logan travelled to this city and held a sculptural workshop there, working with balls of dried cow dung amongst other things.  The sphere on this brooch is one of those balls which has been coated in silver leaf.

Other design elements of this brooch include; an irregular piece of glass, painted on the reverse side in black and grey marbled colours, a round disc of cream coloured abalone shell which has a double loop of small blue beads in a cornflower hue threaded through it, a pearl coloured button, five pearlised beads and a small, white, facetted crystal.  The black stone and pearl beads are laid over black resin encrusted with black glitter and the other decorations are set into a deep cream resin, sprinkled with mainly gold glitter.  The brooch is backed with black resin and signed, named and dated by Andrew Logan

The Puri Power Stone heart is designed as a brooch but could also be threaded onto a chain, or cord, to make a statement necklace.  The brooch has a width of approximately 10 cm at its widest point and a length of approximately 12 cm.  It weighs around 82 g and the rear of the heart is backed with black resin which has a safety pin embedded in it and bears Andrew Logan's signature.