Andrew Logan brooches are handcrafted and unique, as this visionary artist is always exploring new creative designs and often uses recycled materials. His unisex brooch pins can be a statement piece and each brooch bears Andrew Logan’s signature.  This brooch was created by Andrew Logan in 2020 and is named 'Genie'. 

The shimmering blue brooch features a royal blue, teardrop shaped crystal at the top, surrounded by twelve pale gold, round crystals in a metal casing.  Beneath these jewels is an irregular shaped piece of turquoise, patterned glass laid over black resin.  The edges of the brooch are decorated with turquoise glitter and one and a half turquoise, glass flower crystals.

The brooch measures approximately 5 by 11 cm at its widest points and weighs around 36 g.  It can be attached to a chosen garment using a safety pin embedded in the resin on the reverse side.