'Butterfly to Rio' 2013


The focal point of this brooch is an holographic image of a butterfly. Framing this image are eight pieces of blue tinted cut mirror as well as three pieces of iridescent blue polished shell and two pieces of tubular opaque blue glass. Above the central image sits a repurposed souvenir from Rio de Janeiro painted orange, green and blue. All of these materials are set in dark blue resin which is sprinkled with iridescent green/blue glitter. The colours used give the piece an aquatic equatorial feeling and the disposition of the materials makes it seem as though the holographic butterfly is fluttering towards the tropical land of Brazil represented by the repurposed souvenir. Rarely does a piece of jewellery feature movement as this brooch does in the hologram, adding to the uniqueness of this piece of wearable art.

8.2 x 9.5cm approx.