The sculpture pays homage to one of the most iconic artworks in the western world, Botticelli’s, Birth of Venus. The painting created in the mid 1480s depicts the goddess, Venus arriving at the shore after her birth, when she had emerged from the sea fully-grown. The seashell she stands on was a symbol in classical antiquity for a woman's vulva. The painting is on display in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Andrew Logan's sculpture named 'California Venus' was originally created in 1986, to incorporate a glass dome scattered with rose petals. Unfortunately the dome was broken hence it was re-fashioned to re-create this work of art in 1993.

Andrew Logan’s playful and humorous recreation of Venus is represented with a doll that has long blond hair. However, this sculpture is called 'Venus in California' and so Andrew has sculpted the statue to represent a commentary on contemporary California in the 80’s, the home of plastic surgery and body enhancements. 

The platform from which Venus emerges is made of fragmented mirrored, in aquamarine and silver colours. Fragments of the original sculpture’s dome casing can be seen in depiction of waves around the edge. There is an undulating surface to the mirrored ocean, which has been studded with blue and silver crystals and supports the large shell on which Venus stands.

The artwork is essentially a sculptural tableau and Andrew Logan has used a sheet of mirror to create a backdrop to reflect the back of Venus. This is unlike what you see in the painting and adds another dimension to the work. The five flowers from the original glass have been given a new home on the mirrored backdrop, in addition to a tree fashioned from brown and green glass laid over resin with black and green glitter embellishment.

On the back of the sculpture Andrew Logan has spelt out the word Botticelli using a collage of golden mirror and coloured resin finished with gold leaf.  The lettering is almost hieroglyphic at first glance and in true Logan style, he has dotted the i with a small black and white painted eye. The ornate mirrored waves also continue around the reverse side of the sculpture and Andrew Logan has added his signature and both creation dates.

Base plinth approximately 30 by 20 cm, with a depth of around 3 cm.

Mirrored backdrop approximately 27 by 25.5 cm 

Venus stands around 23 cm tall

Weight of the sculpture is approximately 1.85 kg

Due to the high value, weight and delicate nature of the sculpture it requires specialist shipping. A trackable, signed-for delivery within the UK will cost in the region of £200, however, if the sculpture is collected from Berriew, or a cheaper delivery alternative becomes available, a refund will be offered for postage and packaging.  International shipping will be calculated on an individual basis.