Each piece of Andrew Logan art is unique, handmade jewellery made in the UK.  This brooch pin a statement piece of high end, fashion jewellery, an investment piece of original, wearable art

Andrew Logan's Christmas Planet brooch has a circular piece of marbled silver and black glass in its centre which is overlaid with a ring of resin embellished with a myriad of stones and crystals; including multi-coloured flower crystals, three large glittery stones and in the centre, a small rock with a fossil pattern.  These pieces are set into black resin and decorated with variegated, green and orange glitter to create a striking work of art.

The piece was created by Andrew Logan in 2015 and has been signed and dated on the reverse.  A gold coloured safety pin enables you to affix this brooch to your favourite item of clothing, its approximate dimensions are 12.3 x 6.5 cm and its weight is 66g.